The procession crawler - Earlier than expected

The procession crawler - Earlier than expected


The procession crawler - Earlier than expected

calendar icon 05/02/2019

Due to the climate, the time of the procession caterpillars has already begun in Mallorca. Caution is advised, because they are dangerous.

The caterpillar usually appears in mid-February. Often the animals are ranked one behind the other for several meters, hence the name procession caterpillar.

The danger that comes from the animals is the highly toxic hair, which we are allergic to. When the wind is strong, the little hairs are whirled up in the wind, causing skin rash, swelling, redness and itching when touched.
Perhaps you have noticed on a holiday in Majorca the catch bags in the pines. They are used to capture the moths before they can lay their 100-200 eggs.

What to do if it happens anyway? We recommend that you consult a doctor and you will be given anti-itching medicals. Especially have an eye on curious children and dogs who often sniff at the ground.

In Paguera you should avoid the otherwise beautiful pine forest (location) on Tora beach. Most of the processions take place here. In the spring you can keep using it for a picnic or for a walk.

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Author: Ismael Baran


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