See Dolphins in Paguera

See Dolphins in Paguera

See Dolphins in Paguera

calendar icon 07/06/2017

There are always dolphins around Mallorca. In the mediterranean sea there are about 21 species (of about 40 species) to find. In addition to the roundhead dolphin or the common dolphin, there is a large occurrence of bottlenose dolphins. They belong to the family of the whales and breathe through the blow hole on top of the head. Dolphins have a relatively big brain, which makes them among the most intelligent animals. They are also perfect swimmers.

The dolphins stay in bays or often accompany ships with high jumps, which is particularly beautiful to look at. In our region around Paguera we usually find the bottlenose dolphin. It can be up to 4 meters long, weighs up to 300 kilograms and has a life expectancy of 20 - 45 years. The Orca Whale is the largest mammal belonging to the dolphin family.

Dolphins eat fish and basically hunt together. The bottlenose dolphins need between 10-15 kg of food daily. They drive the fish to a big swarm before they attack. They are also very social and protect sick, injured or childbearing members of their species and, if necessary, raise them to the water surface so that they can breathe.

In the case of threats, they keep together and in the group they can even kill a shark. They communicate over making 100 different sounds.

Would you like to experience real dolphins once in your life?
We do not talk about Marineland, but of free dolphins in their natural environment.

In Paguera, every Monday and Thursday, you have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Dolphin Watch. The ship runs twice on these days and there is even a guarantee to see the animals. As they are visited in the open sea and total freedom, it can be that they do not show up - no problem, you can repeat the trip free of charge the other day. For more information, please contact / 971686849

Impressions from the excursion DOLPHIN WATCH:

Author: Ismael Baran, 07.06.2017

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